Finally a bestseller

Hello world.

I have been neglecting my english page here, since my Danish production became really huge. And I have ended 2019 in a very good spot.

My most recent title, Simbas Farlige Rejse (Simbas Dangerous journey) are now officially a bestseller.

It made the bestseller lists in TWO of the major Danish platforms, which is a first for me. Also – it is promoted next to names such as J.K.Rowling and Sigurd Barrett. You might not know Sigurd Barrett, but he is a big deal in Denmark.


But I’m not done bragging yet 🙂

In Denmark we of course have libraries, but we also have a national digital library for downloading eBooks and Audiobooks.

In all self promoting glory, my title, Klovn, has just been named the most downloaded title in the children’s section. Not children’s horror section, but overall children’s section.

For the second year running.

That is mind-blowing to me. There are hundreds if not thousands of great titles for children out there, so to top the list not once, but twice in a row is incredible.

And of course Klovn is available in English as well – Clowns – although this version is considered YA. Different cultures marks stories differently I guess. ????

You can check it out on Amazon here: CLOWNS

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Back on Amazon

I’m back, Baby!

After my latest english novel, Clowns was published back in 2017 my publisher was suddenly kicked off Amazon with no warning.
Talk about bad timing.

It sent all the reviews and the PR I had been arranging down the drain. Now – two years later – they’re back and so am I.

I haven’t published any titles in English since then – I mean, what would be the point outside Amazon – but now I going to aim for one title every year. We’ll see.

You can catch all my titles HERE.

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New titles out for children

So I tried something new.
I joined forces with a Danish youtuber and cooked up three horror stories for children loosely based on urban legends.
I’m not sure how the situation is in the US, but in Denmark fewer and fewer children are reading books, so I believe (hope) that this could pull some of them back.

Ben (the youtuber) has a channel, where he retell urban legends and spooky stories from around the world.

They wont be out until september, but the covers are ready. 🙂

I thought about translating them, but I’m not sure they fall within the acceptable spectrum for US childrens litterature.

They are fairly gory. 🙂

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I like the mailman today

I love a lot of things.

Heavy Metal.
Campy horror movies.
Engaging novels.
Playstation VR.

But most of all I love the thrill of getting a package from my publisher with my new title.
Even now – after 17 times – I get a rush when I open it up and fondle the cover for the first time.
This never gets old.

This Christmas something horrible is unleashed from below 🙂

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Jason wipes

In other news: I need this!


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Twice Upon An Apocalypse is a finalist

The summer is grueling here in Denmark. We are in the middle of the worst draught since 1864 and temperatures are soaring to record degrees.
We are not build for this. We’re Scandinavians.

As I suffer in the heat, I suddenly got notice that one of the antologies I’m a participant in has not only been nominated, but is a finalist in the eFestival of Words Best of the Independent eBook Awards.


It’s the anthology Twice Upon an Apocalypse that has risen to prominence. A mashup of fairy tales with Lovecraftian mythos.

It a finalist both in the categories Best Anthology and Best Short Story with the short story “Follow the Yellow Glyph Road” by Scott T. Goudsward.

Voting is ongoing until August 15th, so go check out all the finalists HERE.


I now get to use this nifty logo to show off my new status. 😉

Now back to trying to cool off.

We have fortunately been spared the raging fires of Sweden and Greece, but this heat is slowly driving me insane.

One needs to compensate.

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Kamp on Instagram

So I finally caught up with the young people and are once more hip. YOLO and all that.

I am now on Instagram.

I had resisted it for a long time, since I had a hard time figuring out how to use the platform.

That is all in the past and a new, more hip Kamp has emerged. 🙂

I will post pics of stuff related to being a horror writer and the other stuff I tinker with in my daily life. Horror, Heavy Metal and kittens. For some reason there has to be kittens.  😉

Very soon I will be able to reveal the secret project I have been working on, and that will take place on Instagram.

My tag is forfatter_michael_kamp and you can join me HERE.

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A dream of Juggalos

“So … what have you been up to, Kamp? Why haven’t you updated your website?”

“Well, let me tell Ye a story, Lass …”

I have just sent in my new secret project to my publisher and are waiting for the editing phase to begin. Then I wrote an article for the Horror Writers Association and finally I’ve been working to expand my professional network in the US.

A major interview has just been published on The Horror Tree, and just as it was published and I was about to start a PR campaign on my English pages, my books suddenly disappeared from Amazon. I could get attention, but not translate it to any sales.


And when the weekend finally arrived and I was invited to an important wedding, (no, not the royal one) I was hit by some flu-like infection and went down for the count.

Now, I usually keep notes of my fever dreams for inspiration, but this time they were more weird than morbid.

I kept dreaming that hordes of Juggalos would crawl out from my armpits under the blanket and fill up the whole bed. Which makes no sense. Juggalos are fans of Insane Clown Posse – a band I have never listened to – and they paint themselves as black and white clowns.


Ok, so it makes a little sense anyway.

So I have been stressed out.

But now I can finally relax and concentrate on the family and my backlog with movies and series that I haven’t seen yet..

Except I should be finishing my spider story. It was supposed to be long done now, but I had to pause it, since the secret project had an approaching deadline.
And I should really be on Instagram.
And I should do something about my YouTube channel that see way too little use.
And I had really planned to translate one more Danish novel during the first months of the year, but now we are in late May.


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Five star review for Clowns on Reader’s Favorite


A five star review from Reader’s Favorite. 🙂

Clowns by Michael Kamp reminded me of a young adult version of IT, the film that turned me against clowns for life!
I must say that this is a really well-written book, a bit on the descriptive side so, if you don’t want horrible visions in your mind, don’t read it!
Although it is only a short story, Michael Kamp has managed to include quite a lot; we got the backstory quite neatly, along with the character development, which was good.
It is a little on the gory side, but that doesn’t detract from the story and the unique plot line. I didn’t like clowns before and I definitely still don’t, but for a younger adult who likes a good horror story that they can read in one sitting, this is ideal.
I liked the fact that Michael Kamp explained how things were done in Denmark at the end and how it tied in with his story – a few interesting facts there.

I like it.

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Best Danish horror titles for kids 2017

Well, Clowns did not make the Final Ballot at the Bram Stoker Awards, but there was comfort at home.

The Danish version, Klovn, have just been named the best horror title for kids 2017.
Yes, I am pleased 🙂

The Top 10 list was:

(Translated from Danish by me)

10. “En Grum Fisk” (A Sinister Fish) by Henrik Einspor. It’s a classic Henrik Einspor. Great story, not too scary and the cover is really good.

9. “Zombie World” by Benni Bødker. Benni turns the zombie genre upside down and this series starts out with the main character becoming infected. Not too scary, but a thrilling story in a horror setting.

8. “Becca” by Petter Lidbeck. Good and spooky entertainment.

7. “Hvidslangen” (The White Snake) by Åsa Larsson. The 8th installment in the Pax series. Our main characters are in dire straits and the stakes a much greater than their lives.

6. “Varulvens Hemmelighed” (Secret of the Werewolf) by Kristina Ohlsson. The second installment in the series of Eldsala. Good scare factor and very high intensity.

5. “Skattekortet” (The Treasure Map) by Arne Svingen. A scary story where family members are not what they seem.

4. “Når Lyset Slukkes” (When the Light goes Dark) by Kenneth Bøgh Andersen. Yet another high quality collection of horror short stories by the always amazing Kenneth Bøgh Andersen.

3. “Gys i Toscana” (Horror in Toscana) by Birgitte Lorentzen. A ghost story by Birgitte Lorentzen – something she is especially adept at. A haunting tale with a high scare factor.

2. “Dødt Kød – Dag 1” (Dead Meat – Day 1) by Nick Clausen. A new zombie series for kids from Nick Clausen. He’s a very competent writer at a level few can reach. Here he brings new blood to an old genre and writes a fantastic story at the same time.

1. “Klovn” (Clowns) by Michael Kamp is a personal favorite. Michael Kamp has mastered the art of writing truly uncomfortable scenes and when he decides to write about “killer clowns” it won’t be subtle. Here you will find horror, humor and all the gore you could ever want.

See the original Danish Top 10 version from Gladsaxe Library HERE.

Well – what can I say? I am very pleased 🙂

Did you miss Clowns? Get it on Amazon.

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