Horror Writers Association


I finally got around changing the winter theme to summer here.

The header is from an old Danish bog where human sacrifices was performed in ancient times. These days – not so much. 😉

More importantly I am now an active member of the Horror Writers Association. This was a bit harder than expected, since their requirements do not factor in which language you are using.
Hence I had to make the same sales for my Danish horror novels as I would have on English to qualify as a professional writer.
Since there are only 5.5 million Danes in the world it was not as easy as it might sound.

Still – the numbers got crunched and I am now a member. 😀

The Horror Writers Association has been around since 1985 and is responsible for the yearly Bram Stoker Awards – basically the Oscars for literary horror.

Much rejoicing followed at the bogs here, but no humans were injured.
(To my knowledge.)

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