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I like the mailman today

I love a lot of things. Heavy Metal. Campy horror movies. Engaging novels. Playstation VR. But most of all I love the thrill of getting a package from my publisher with my new title. Even now – after 17 times … Continue reading

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Jason wipes

In other news: I need this! 🙂

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Twice Upon An Apocalypse is a finalist

The summer is grueling here in Denmark. We are in the middle of the worst draught since 1864 and temperatures are soaring to record degrees. We are not build for this. We’re Scandinavians. As I suffer in the heat, I … Continue reading

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Kamp on Instagram

So I finally caught up with the young people and are once more hip. YOLO and all that. I am now on Instagram. I had resisted it for a long time, since I had a hard time figuring out how … Continue reading

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A dream of Juggalos

“So … what have you been up to, Kamp? Why haven’t you updated your website?” “Well, let me tell Ye a story, Lass …” I have just sent in my new secret project to my publisher and are waiting for … Continue reading

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Five star review for Clowns on Reader’s Favorite

Ohh. A five star review from Reader’s Favorite. 🙂 “Clowns by Michael Kamp reminded me of a young adult version of IT, the film that turned me against clowns for life! I must say that this is a really well-written … Continue reading

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Best Danish horror titles for kids 2017

Well, Clowns did not make the Final Ballot at the Bram Stoker Awards, but there was comfort at home. The Danish version, Klovn, have just been named the best horror title for kids 2017. Yes, I am pleased 🙂 The … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

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The Wild Hunt

I have a conflicted relationship with deadlines. I wrote my prize winner “Prank Call”, the day before the deadline and managed to just it in just in time. And it won. I have had some trouble getting through to anthologies … Continue reading

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The Danish Horror Society – General Assembly 2017

The Danish Horror Society just held their general assembly 2017. We chose to gather for the assembly on a castle. You know – as one does. Vallø Slot (Valloe Castle) is located in the southern part of Sjælland (our main … Continue reading

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