Best Danish Horror of the Year

Well, it is finally official.Samlerne_omslag_Michael_Kamp

My horrornovel Samlerne (The Collectors) have just won the award for Best Danish Horror of the Year 2015.

I’m am intensely proud since the field is very competitive here and the quality high. The award is handed out by Dansk Horror Selskab (Danish Horror Society) every year to reward horror aimed at the adult market.

The five publications on the short list were:

Midnatsmuse (Midnight Muse) by Mikkel Harris Carlsen

Samlerne (The Collectors)by Michael Kamp

Den røde tråd (The Red String) by Vicki Pedersen

Deroute (Deroute) by Martin Schjönning

Kærlighedsfrugt (Love Fruit) by Amdi Silvestri

Five titles caught in a cage match to the death.

My acceptance speech:


The jury wrote:

Kamp have been considered one of the best horror writers in the nation for a while, not least due to his ability to create vivid and often quite brutal images in the minds of the readers which is very much the case in Samlerne.

It is the opinion of the jury that the style of Kamp’s writing add a rarely seen power to the story and that the sparse and controlled use of terror let the readers follow the protagonist, Thomas, into the darkness and feel his fear up close.

It doesn’t get better than this, and that is why Michael Kamp’s Samlerne have been awarded Best Danish Horror of the Year.

Reading this I feel my head swell to twice it’s size. I am SO proud to receive this award, that I might be intolerable to be around for a while.

It’s my third award – achievement unlocked – but I’ll try not to let it get to me.

I’m still basically my old, humble self 🙂


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