Best Danish horror titles for kids 2017

Well, Clowns did not make the Final Ballot at the Bram Stoker Awards, but there was comfort at home.

The Danish version, Klovn, have just been named the best horror title for kids 2017.
Yes, I am pleased 🙂

The Top 10 list was:

(Translated from Danish by me)

10. “En Grum Fisk” (A Sinister Fish) by Henrik Einspor. It’s a classic Henrik Einspor. Great story, not too scary and the cover is really good.

9. “Zombie World” by Benni Bødker. Benni turns the zombie genre upside down and this series starts out with the main character becoming infected. Not too scary, but a thrilling story in a horror setting.

8. “Becca” by Petter Lidbeck. Good and spooky entertainment.

7. “Hvidslangen” (The White Snake) by Åsa Larsson. The 8th installment in the Pax series. Our main characters are in dire straits and the stakes a much greater than their lives.

6. “Varulvens Hemmelighed” (Secret of the Werewolf) by Kristina Ohlsson. The second installment in the series of Eldsala. Good scare factor and very high intensity.

5. “Skattekortet” (The Treasure Map) by Arne Svingen. A scary story where family members are not what they seem.

4. “Når Lyset Slukkes” (When the Light goes Dark) by Kenneth Bøgh Andersen. Yet another high quality collection of horror short stories by the always amazing Kenneth Bøgh Andersen.

3. “Gys i Toscana” (Horror in Toscana) by Birgitte Lorentzen. A ghost story by Birgitte Lorentzen – something she is especially adept at. A haunting tale with a high scare factor.

2. “Dødt Kød – Dag 1” (Dead Meat – Day 1) by Nick Clausen. A new zombie series for kids from Nick Clausen. He’s a very competent writer at a level few can reach. Here he brings new blood to an old genre and writes a fantastic story at the same time.

1. “Klovn” (Clowns) by Michael Kamp is a personal favorite. Michael Kamp has mastered the art of writing truly uncomfortable scenes and when he decides to write about “killer clowns” it won’t be subtle. Here you will find horror, humor and all the gore you could ever want.

See the original Danish Top 10 version from Gladsaxe Library HERE.

Well – what can I say? I am very pleased 🙂

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