BogForum 2015


So once more I have traveled to the twin towers of the big Danish literature convention BogForum.

Sunday was the big day where I was to sit and sign fat stacks of my newest release, Nekromathias. (So far only available in Danish.)

One of the big advantages of being invited is the ability to walk past the huge line of commoners and get in early. Zing!

I like being early so I can walk around and get a feel for the convention before the unwashed masses arrive and lay siege to all the major stalls.


This is my publisher’s backstage area. It’s all nice and clean before the writers shown up to trash the place. Not sure about the pink chairs, though.

After a quick trip around the convention once more to map out the stalls I wanted to loot later on, it was time for my session.


The whole thing is being monitored by my GIGANTIC head in the back.


Every year I bring a little gimmick to the convention. Last year it was black contact lenses, this year it was a humble T-shirt. You might notice the eye is very prominent on this photo, but to really get the full experience we need a short clip.

It was a hit 🙂

My publisher, Tellerup, has put up 166 pictures of the convention on their Facebook page HERE. Go check it out.

After the session I managed to walk almost 6 miles back and forth between the stalls and ended up dragging home 10 pounds of books to the already overburdened shelves back home.

Now I just need to find the time to read them all.

If you like the T-shirt, it and many more like it can be found HERE.

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