Finally a bestseller

Hello world.

I have been neglecting my english page here, since my Danish production became really huge. And I have ended 2019 in a very good spot.

My most recent title, Simbas Farlige Rejse (Simbas Dangerous journey) are now officially a bestseller.

It made the bestseller lists in TWO of the major Danish platforms, which is a first for me. Also – it is promoted next to names such as J.K.Rowling and Sigurd Barrett. You might not know Sigurd Barrett, but he is a big deal in Denmark.


But I’m not done bragging yet 🙂

In Denmark we of course have libraries, but we also have a national digital library for downloading eBooks and Audiobooks.

In all self promoting glory, my title, Klovn, has just been named the most downloaded title in the children’s section. Not children’s horror section, but overall children’s section.

For the second year running.

That is mind-blowing to me. There are hundreds if not thousands of great titles for children out there, so to top the list not once, but twice in a row is incredible.

And of course Klovn is available in English as well – Clowns – although this version is considered YA. Different cultures marks stories differently I guess. ????

You can check it out on Amazon here: CLOWNS

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