Yay. My new series is out.

Nekromathias is my first series aimed at a younger audience. The libraries have it categorized at age 10+, but I’m not sure how this would translate internationally.
It is stock full of zombies, action and humor, all illustrated by the incredible Kent Overby Stück.

There are no plans at present to translate it, so for now you either just look at the pretty pictures or learn Danish.

Nekromathias_darkNekromathias is the tale of Mathias – a young boy of 13 years who come to realize that this world hides a big secret.

Zombies are real. And they are everywhere.

Teaming up with his grandpa he must now learn the tips and tricks of the trade as an undertaker. They must be ready to move out and confront the undead, but the world must never know.

The first three titles are out now with more to follow.

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