Once upon an apocalypse

*Blaring trumpets*

Behold – I saw a black serpent rise from the sea and devour the sun!

Finally I can announce my first venture into the English markets. I will make my paperback debut in 2013 through an anthology from the publisher Chaosium. They have announced a series of anthologies called Once upon an apocalypse, where classic fairytales are mixed with horror.

Volume one will be fairy tales mixed with zombies while volume two is fairy tales mixed with Lovecraft.

I got my Lovecraftian fairy tale The Little Match Mi-Go accepted for volume two. A heart gripping retelling of The little match girl set in a world where humanity is long extinct.

Humanity is dust, snuffed out by the arrival of the Old Ones and frozen solid on the plains of old Terra. A single little Mi-Go is sent into the freezing tomb of the world, carrying an artifact of flame, in search of a hideous entity. But the world is so big, and the cold is so strong. What will the little Mi-Go do?

Sounds exciting, right? πŸ™‚

It should hit the markets in 2013, but even before that my publisher, Tellerup, will make a handful of my translated short stories available through iTunes and Amazon.com.

I made it! πŸ˜€

I’m going to get rich – RICH, I tell you!

I think my first Ferrari should be white, and I really want a cloned pet Dodo. And maybe I should get all my teeth replaced with diamonds?

Still, I won’t forget the common man and will make sure to like pictures of sick children and handicapped animals on Facebook to do my part.

You can follow the proceedings of the series through their Facebook-page Once upon an apocalypse.

Do I feel like the king of the world right now? Sure – swag and all. πŸ˜‰

Hugo – take it away.

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