I’ll just leave this right here to brag about it.

My newest YA horror (only available in Danish so far) is coming out sometime after the summer holidays. A small, Danish town is suddenly overrun by clowns and they do not come in peace.

We’re working on a translation as I write this, so hopefully there will be more news soon 🙂

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Best Danish Horror of the Year

Well, it is finally official.Samlerne_omslag_Michael_Kamp

My horrornovel Samlerne (The Collectors) have just won the award for Best Danish Horror of the Year 2015.

I’m am intensely proud since the field is very competitive here and the quality high. The award is handed out by Dansk Horror Selskab (Danish Horror Society) every year to reward horror aimed at the adult market.

The five publications on the short list were:

Midnatsmuse (Midnight Muse) by Mikkel Harris Carlsen

Samlerne (The Collectors)by Michael Kamp

Den røde tråd (The Red String) by Vicki Pedersen

Deroute (Deroute) by Martin Schjönning

Kærlighedsfrugt (Love Fruit) by Amdi Silvestri

Five titles caught in a cage match to the death.

My acceptance speech:


The jury wrote:

Kamp have been considered one of the best horror writers in the nation for a while, not least due to his ability to create vivid and often quite brutal images in the minds of the readers which is very much the case in Samlerne.

It is the opinion of the jury that the style of Kamp’s writing add a rarely seen power to the story and that the sparse and controlled use of terror let the readers follow the protagonist, Thomas, into the darkness and feel his fear up close.

It doesn’t get better than this, and that is why Michael Kamp’s Samlerne have been awarded Best Danish Horror of the Year.

Reading this I feel my head swell to twice it’s size. I am SO proud to receive this award, that I might be intolerable to be around for a while.

It’s my third award – achievement unlocked – but I’ll try not to let it get to me.

I’m still basically my old, humble self 🙂


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BogForum 2015


So once more I have traveled to the twin towers of the big Danish literature convention BogForum.

Sunday was the big day where I was to sit and sign fat stacks of my newest release, Nekromathias. (So far only available in Danish.)

One of the big advantages of being invited is the ability to walk past the huge line of commoners and get in early. Zing!

I like being early so I can walk around and get a feel for the convention before the unwashed masses arrive and lay siege to all the major stalls.


This is my publisher’s backstage area. It’s all nice and clean before the writers shown up to trash the place. Not sure about the pink chairs, though.

After a quick trip around the convention once more to map out the stalls I wanted to loot later on, it was time for my session.


The whole thing is being monitored by my GIGANTIC head in the back.


Every year I bring a little gimmick to the convention. Last year it was black contact lenses, this year it was a humble T-shirt. You might notice the eye is very prominent on this photo, but to really get the full experience we need a short clip.

It was a hit 🙂

My publisher, Tellerup, has put up 166 pictures of the convention on their Facebook page HERE. Go check it out.

After the session I managed to walk almost 6 miles back and forth between the stalls and ended up dragging home 10 pounds of books to the already overburdened shelves back home.

Now I just need to find the time to read them all.

If you like the T-shirt, it and many more like it can be found HERE.

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Yay. My new series is out.

Nekromathias is my first series aimed at a younger audience. The libraries have it categorized at age 10+, but I’m not sure how this would translate internationally.
It is stock full of zombies, action and humor, all illustrated by the incredible Kent Overby Stück.

There are no plans at present to translate it, so for now you either just look at the pretty pictures or learn Danish.

Nekromathias_darkNekromathias is the tale of Mathias – a young boy of 13 years who come to realize that this world hides a big secret.

Zombies are real. And they are everywhere.

Teaming up with his grandpa he must now learn the tips and tricks of the trade as an undertaker. They must be ready to move out and confront the undead, but the world must never know.

The first three titles are out now with more to follow.

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Halloween Haunts at Horror Writers Association


Yay – my international work is rather slow these days, but I did manage to produce a guest blog at Horror Writers Association during their months of Halloween Haunts.

Every day a new post on Halloween is presented by the members, so please – Stay a while, and listen. :-p

Halloween Infects Scandinavia

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At last!

My new project is ready to go online.

Script: Michael Kamp
Illustrations: Tom Kristensen

Monster is the story of a young boy in a family with a big problem. I was hired to write the story by Hope Ung – a Danish organisation aimed at helping kids and young adults in troubled families – but the comic itself is international.


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The Collectors will be published this winter

Samlerne_omslag_Michael_KampIt’s been quiet here the past six months.

Translations have been slow since I have toiled away at my new Danish novel.

And now it is about to hit the markets.

“Samlerne” (The Collectors) will be released in november in Denmark, and while I have kept the international rights, there’s no plans for a coming translation. I have way too much work to do for the rest of the year.

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Review of Predators of Tomorrow

So – the reviews are beginning to trickle in from the great beyond.

It’s always hard to get get proper reviews for anthologies, since usually it will be a general review.
General reviews are nice, but you want to read what they thought of *your* story.

Fortunately the first story-by-story review is out there now.

He is pleased with the anthology as a whole, and has this to say about my story:

Predators of Tomorrow, by Michael Kamp. Any story about vampires in space should be cheesy and ridiculous, but good writing, an excellent premise and a great protagonist make this a worthwhile read.

See the whole review HERE.

Get Blood Type HERE.

Yes, I am pleased.

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas.

For all of you – a little treat.

Two Christmas themed flash fictions with just a touch of dark.

Dear Santa


They are set free on the internet and can be shared as anyone please.

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Blood Type on amazon

Blood Type is now available on amazon.com.

The paperback version is scheduled for January, but grab an e-book while you wait.

Vampires. In space. What more could you possible wish for?

Go forth and indulge yourself in sci-fi bloodsuckers. 🙂

Available through AMAZON and remember: all profit goes to the The Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

Also – the trailer just went live.

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