The creepy clown epidemic began when I was 12 years old.
Creepy clowns roamed neighborhoods at night, terrifying the population. At first it was only in the U.S.
Soon it spread, turning into a global craze.
The wave of clown sightings even reached all the way to Denmark.
Every day, the papers ran stories about clowns scaring people.
Of course, the vast majority of creepy clowns were just pranksters in costumes.
But not all of them.
Not in Ullerup.

My debut into the English market is here with the YA Horror story Clowns.
The story follow Oscar who is having a really bad night, when a horde of creepy clowns descend on his village.

Clowns! Gore! Candyfloss! Dead Children!

It is available through amazon HERE for only 4,99$.

Review copies has been sent out and now we wait.


Danish writers are superior. That is if Michael Kamp’s Clowns is to be believed. A short novella which packs a mighty punch. The premise is simple: Clowns attack a small Danish town and end up eating people’s faces. It’s fun. It’s horrific. And it’s so good.

We’ve never had a five star book come across our desks, so it is my absolute pleasure to praise Kamp and give Bloody Good Horror Books its first five star review.

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Clowns was well-written and perfect for anyone who loved the movie Killer Klownz from Outer Space. While it doesn’t quite achieve that level of camp, Kamp’s Clowns channels that same absurd-horror feel. There are a few scenes that are so well imagined that the [readers] can easily get a great mental picture of them. Michael Kamp has the ability to put his readers so neatly into the story that you can practically smell the forest and face paint.

Final score 4/5.

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