The Wild Hunt

I have a conflicted relationship with deadlines. I wrote my prize winner “Prank Call”, the day before the deadline and managed to just it in just in time. And it won.

I have had some trouble getting through to anthologies in English, but last week I saw a submission call with deadline the following day.

A Christmas story with the promt”Sleigh Bells” and a very specific word count on 666 words. Exactly.

It became “The Wild Hunt”, which is based on one of our own myths here in Scandinavia.

And it was accepted into the anthology.

The anthology is called “Shades of Santa” and no – it’s not porn.

It’s a charity anthology, so when I say ‘GO’, you buy until you barf, Mkay? 🙂

The anthology is published by Things in the Well, which can be found HERE.

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