Twice Upon An Apocalypse is a finalist

The summer is grueling here in Denmark. We are in the middle of the worst draught since 1864 and temperatures are soaring to record degrees.
We are not build for this. We’re Scandinavians.

As I suffer in the heat, I suddenly got notice that one of the antologies I’m a participant in has not only been nominated, but is a finalist in the eFestival of Words Best of the Independent eBook Awards.


It’s the anthology Twice Upon an Apocalypse that has risen to prominence. A mashup of fairy tales with Lovecraftian mythos.

It a finalist both in the categories Best Anthology and Best Short Story with the short story “Follow the Yellow Glyph Road” by Scott T. Goudsward.

Voting is ongoing until August 15th, so go check out all the finalists HERE.


I now get to use this nifty logo to show off my new status. 😉

Now back to trying to cool off.

We have fortunately been spared the raging fires of Sweden and Greece, but this heat is slowly driving me insane.

One needs to compensate.

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