I just won my first award. My short story “Telefonfis” (Prank Call) won The Ministry of Culture & The Ministry of Children and Education’s Award for new Literature for Boys 2011.

Not a very catchy title, but great honor and prestige will follow. Not to mention the 25,000 Dkr.

The award is a joint project between the two ministries aimed at boys in the age 8-12 years. Often boys simply stop reading books at that age, so more great stories are needed. Stories that boys in particular will find thrilling.

My short story is a little piece of horror revolving around a particular unfortunate prank call.

Second place was Lise Bidstrup with “Hvid røg” (White Smoke), while Peter Grønlund won third place with “Blodkulten” (The Bloodcult).

Danish Press Release

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